Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homeschool Theme of the Week: Fall & Apples!

With all of the fun surrounding Apple-onia last week (our apple visitor - see earlier posts), one might wonder if we got around to any other "apple" theme activities.  Yes, we did!  Here are some pictures of a few - take a look...

Making patterns with free apple printable cards (from 2 Teaching Mommies blog) and using those same cards to play "Apple Splat!"

APPLE SPLAT Directions:

1.  Write apple related words on the back of apple cards and place on the tree.
2.  Child turns an apple card (on the tree) over and reads the word as well as gives a definition for it.
3.  If correct, the child gets to pick the apple and place it in his/her basket.
4.  If incorrect, parent takes the card and places on the splat pile - basically showing that the apple fell off the tree and "splat" on the ground.  (Make sure you or your child says "SPLAT!" when you do so.)
6.  Game ends when no more cards are left on the tree.
5.  Optional - at the end of the game, the child counts the apples in his/her basket and trades them in for the same number of M&M's or Skittles (think mini apples) or stickers.

Speaking of M&M's - we sorted and graphed a package into "apple" stacks of red, yellow, and green.  The others we munched on (come now, wouldn't you?).  :)

One of the apple books we read was The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree.  For a follow up activity, my daughter made her own "The Seasons of A_______'s (here is where you would insert your child's name if you were making this) Apple Tree" book.

The supply tray.

The four seasons of her apple tree.  :)

The book cover - how do you like those silly stems (I think that is the word she used).  :)  Make apple fingerprints for your border or just let your child dip a finger in red paint and dot some apples around the edges. 
IMPORTANT:  Don't forget to change the word "Arnold's" into your child's name instead (ex.  The Seasons of Jerry's Apple Tree"). 

The inside cover (NOT shown) boasts a storage pocket containing a small felt figure (this is my daughter) attached to the book via a ribbon (keeps the figure from falling out and getting lost).  Now my daughter can maneuver her way through the pages as each is read and admired, adding her felt figure to the story.  Note: one side of the figure is dressed for cooler weather (think red snowsuit and cap) and the other side is dressed for warmer seasons.

We also had a fun snack/lunch to go along with this book.  See more snack details here:

This paper was from an "Apple Variety" hunt we came up with.  We used a sheet from a FREE printable pack (2 Teaching Mommies blog) to look for different kinds of apples in the store. When we found an apple that matched one of the labeled types, we would mark it on the sheet and eventually color in that square.

In addition to the above activities, we worked on some FREE printable packs from 2 Teaching Mommies blog and Homeschool Creations blog  and went on an "All Things Apple -y" hunt in the grocery store (writing down the items we found that had apples in them or were apple related).
We read books too, of course.  Below are ones that I have either read or might one day like to add to our collection based on review.  Feel free to suggest some more in the comment section or share some apple craft ideas!  :)

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  1. Thank you for compiling such a great selection of apple ideas. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday!


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  6. I love when an entire idea comes together in one blog post, this is awesome! Great job! Your kids must have loved this.

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  8. I have only read 2 posts from your blog and I am already in love! I pinned this post on Pinterest and am excited to be a new follower!

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  12. These collections are looking very amazing. And these are all very use-full to the kids to make something different. Thank you.printable calenders

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  14. Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments! It inspires me to continue posting ideas when I know they help others as well. :)

    JDaniel4's Mom: Yes! We read several books but the one related to our DIY seasons book was "The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree". :)

  15. I am amazed at all the fun and learning going on here. You really have it all together, what a lucky kid you have.

    Thanks for sharing this on Monday Madness!

  16. Wow! lots of apple activities. I have to say my favorite is the m and m one. Eating the ones that weren't red, yellow, or green would be very motivating to my kids! Hope to see you again on Monday Madness tomorrow.