Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Nutcracker "Sweet" Birthday!

This was a really fun party to plan, and the birthday girl's excited cries and joyous exclamations were just icing on the cake!  :)  Although a bit early for what is often considered a Christmas season tale, the young lady of the hour latched onto the idea of having a party based on one of her favorite stories.  I was more than happy to oblige so without further ado, I give you A Nutcracker "Sweet" Birthday...

These are invitations and the book that we sent with the invitations so each girl would thoroughly understand the story and music behind this beloved tale before arriving at the party.  For pictures and more details regarding the beautiful invitations designed by Andrea of "The Green Grass Grows" (Etsy), see this post:

Instead of a wreath greeting the guests when they arrived, we hung a picture frame and candy canes.  We also posted a sign welcoming guests to the "Land of Sweets".

Once inside, the guests saw a sign asking: "Uh oh!  Where's the Land of Sweets?".  It then invited them to help the birthday girl find her way there.

We would of course need everyone's help so I had a temporary coloring station/activity set up while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Boxes of new crayons were hung on a bright pink Christmas tree (one box for each girl - these were also one of the favors the girls could take home at the end of the party), and pictures of characters from the story lay waiting for guests to embellish them.

Once all the guests had arrived, I led them to the mantle where glittery pink paper stockings were hung, one for each girl to take with her on the hunt for the "Land of Sweets". They were to fill up their stockings with fun prizes along the way as they followed clues leading them to the "Land of Sweets".

These are some ornaments which were tied to presents hidden for the girls to find. Each clue was related to a Nutcracker character. The girls had to then find a present with that character attached and open it. Inside was their next clue and some little treat or prize for each of them as well.

The hunt ended when the girls opened the final present, solved the last clue, and found their way to the "Land of Sweets" at last!

This was the small dining table which awaited the girls inside the "Land of Sweets".  Streamers and balloons in shades of pink added to the very festive look as well.

Behold the scrumptious desserts table!  Delicacies included:  sugar plums, peppermint hot chocolate sticks, white peppermint bark, white mice cookies, individual candy cane trifles, nut"stackers" (mini sandwiches made of layered bread, peanut butter, and nutella), and the birthday cake!

The cake topped with the Sugar Plum Fairy herself!

All in all, a simply delicious party!  :)
(For those interested, Nutcracker ornaments were purchased at Hobby Lobby).

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  1. Really gorgeous! Love the cake! Come see a little treasure!

  2. What a wonderful, beautiful party! Everything's oh so sweet!

  3. My 14 year old daughter would love this! Her birthday is the week before Christmas and like her mum, she loves Christmas. I will have to show her this.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Best wishes,

  4. Love it... beautiful details!

  5. This is absolutely ADORABLE! It's so pretty! Thank you for linking up to Mushki Loves My Stuff!

    Hope to see you next week!

  6. Love this! I'll also be including this in my party directory so that others can find your great party easily after the link up is over. Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!


  7. Michelle,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I need the information for the nutcracker invitations. I tried to find it on etsy with no luck. I am throwing my daughter a nutcracker Birthday party in December and would love to have the invites and thank you cards done by this women. Thanks! Can you post her email address or web address? Thanks.

  8. Hi Margaux,
    Here is a link to her shop, "The Green Grass Grows":
    I think you will love working with her - she is SOOO sweet and does such a good job. Please tell her Michelle from "The Nature of Grace" says hi. :)

  9. Included your party in a Nutcracker Party Inspiration post, here:
    Love that gorgeous cake!

  10. wow that recipes seems really really ow sum

  11. Love the alternative "wreath", how did you hang the candy canes?

    1. Thanks - if I remember correctly, I used thin jewelry wire. :)

  12. Hi Michelle So beautiful! is the cake topper also available for Hobby Lobby? Many thanks Kathy

    1. Hi, the topper was an ornament from Hobby Lobby. I hot glued it to a wooden or bamboo skewer, and inserted the skewer into the cake (make sure there is enough of the skewer to go deep into the cake or else your topper might just pull the whole thing over). You will also want to measure the skewer first and cut off the excess you don't plan to use. :)

    2. hi michelle Many thanks for the reply. Please could you send me a link to Hobby Lobby. many thanks. kathy

    3. Hi Kathy,
      I'm so sorry - I have been off the blog for a while so did not get your comment until now. This is probably too late but I'll post the link to Hobby Lobby: I'm not sure you will be able to buy the ornament online through them. I bought it at one of their stores. Thanks!

  13. Love the delicate details and styling of this theme!