Saturday, May 24, 2014

Last Day of Homeschool!

We celebrated our last day of school earlier this month!  Yahoo!  In keeping with our first day theme of "growth and change", I ended the year with our "hatching day".

Here is the sign that greeted them that morning, followed by pancakes which I TRIED to make into butterflies and caterpillars (I won't burden you with pictures of the sorry attempts).  

After breakfast, they finished up final papers, etc. in our school room.  While they were doing that - I was secretly posting this sign on the inside of the doors to the room and creating a cocoon on the outside...

The idea behind the cocoon was that they had started the year as my little caterpillars (I made caterpillar masks for them on the first day of school) and had grown and changed since then.  I wanted them to be able to burst out of their "cocoon"(year of learning, growth, and change) that final day of school when the last worksheet was completed.   

I was worried they'd see what I was up to before I had finished, but  the timing of it worked out pretty well!  :)

And here they are bursting...sort of.

On the other side of the door, I had placed some wings for them to wear that day (butterflies need wings, right?) and gave them each a butterfly certificate.

When family came over later in the week, we had this up for viewing so people could see what their work had looked like at the beginning of the year and what they were accomplishing now at the end.

Our last day of school ended with Daddy taking the afternoon off from work and taking us mini golfing and to a restaurant for dinner.  :)

Do you have a fun last day of homeschool tradition?  If so, please feel free to post it in the comments section!