Thursday, July 10, 2014


Happy summer to you all!  :)  Enjoying your break yet?  I certainly am!

As many of you know, I usually take a blogging break during the summer (I do post little stuff on Facebook though).  However, I did want to share something I did for a friend recently because I thought others might be interested in the idea as well.  I threw her a baby a box.  Yep, you read that correctly.

A baby-shower-in-a-box is a really great way to spoil a pregnant friend or relative who lives far away.  I had the opportunity to send one recently and had a lot of fun planning and shopping for it.  :)

There are many creative options that could be included.   I would say "the sky is the limit" except we all know that the limit is really determined by one's budget.  ;)  I kept my package on the small side because the family was planning on moving shortly after having the baby, but I wanted to make sure my friend had something special to open and enjoy!

Here are some of the things I put in the package I sent:

* a baby shower card
* a grocery store card for them to use for purchasing snacks or cupcakes/cake to eat while opening presents
* a small diaper cake
* diaper cream
* rubber ducky
* Flatobearius (sooo cute and so soft - the company also makes a variety of other animals as well)
* a teething necklace
* baby clothes
* gift certificates to a fast food restaurant near them for nights when mommy doesn't have energy to cook and wants daddy to pick something up quickly on the way home
* money to join Emeals for 3 months (a service that e-mails a weekly menu plan and shopping list to you each week so all you have to do is print and shop - great time-saver)
* little packets of coffee for those hard mornings after long nights
* chapstick
*Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy

If you feel inspired to send your own baby-shower-in-a-box, here are some other ideas:

* toys
* pampering items for mom
* baby toiletries
* baby books
* gift cards to spa or restaurants for pre-baby treat
* favorite snack or food (unless you live somewhere where the heat would spoil it)
* cozy socks
* special tea or favorite caffeine
* baby sitting money
* nursing necklace (I think you can find some that double as teething necklaces too)
* cute nursing cover or wrap or one of those infinity scarves that doubles as a nursing cover.

Happy baby shower planning!  :)

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