Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Hoppy" last day of school!

The title says it all (and went along with our first day theme for this past year)!  I couldn't let this day pass by without sharing a little bit of it with you!

Breakfast:  green lily pad pancakes with a tangerine flower and chocolate chip "flies".  We also had homemade whipped cream available for those who wanted/needed it.  ;)  

Once the last assignment was turned in for the day, I told the kids to get into their swimsuits and meet me in my room.  This doorway was what greeted their little eyes.  Through it was a pond I created for their playing pleasure!

These were my homemade lily pads (I cut up a leftover green vinyl tablecloth and glued the pieces to the lids of plastic containers).  The flowers were just some cheap pretend flowers I found in our box of spring things.  :)

A pond wouldn't be complete without some creatures, right?  I included a container of ducks, plastic flies, plastic frogs, and frog tongues (party blowouts).  They had so much fun!

After splashing in the pond for a while, we headed out for a dinner of burgers and fries followed by dessert at home while watching a movie.  It was a cozy way to end our day (and school year) together!   :)