Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Girls' Club

Today is launch day for Sally Clarkson's new book "Girls' Club"!  Co-authored with her two daughters Sarah and Joy, it focuses on cultivating friendships among women and how powerful such bonds can be.  If you have been struggling with loneliness, wondering how to cultivate friendships with other women - this book may provide just the direction and encouragement you need!

As a homeschooling mom of four children (including special needs), I have had my share of ups and downs.  Often I have found encouragement AND inspiration while reading one of Sally's books, listening to one of her podcasts, or by reading one of the posts on her blog www.sallyclarkson.com.  I highly recommend her to other homeschooling moms (and moms in general).  Her ideas, understanding words, and kindness point me towards Christ and the powerful mission he has given me:  the mission of motherhood (also the title of one of her books). 

For moms struggling to find time to research great composers, artists, and great books for children, she also provides amazing resources on www.lifewithsally.com (this is a paid membership account).  The site includes resources and podcasts that are meant for encouraging moms as well (such as scripture studies, etc.), and the forums are a great resource for moms to share, encourage, or ask questions of other mom members.  Highly recommend this as well!  :)

As always - happy homeschooling!  :)

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