Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amy from Stem Parties...

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was desperately trying to find some creative ideas for throwing a baby shower for a dear friend. She searched and searched online, knowing that innovative ideas and people MUST be out there somewhere - she just had to find them. Her quest went on and on and on (had she been in a desert, this might be the point at which she would find herself on her knees with parched throat, still moving forward but ever so slowly).

Suddenly, one day - she stumbled upon it! An interesting blog authored by a creative person who loved throwing parties and putting thought into details. And the best thing - she was willing to share her ideas and pictures as well! Eureka!!!

I must say, for me, it was like striking a gold mine when I came across Amy from Stem Parties. Love her site, love the pics and ideas she posts, and love that she has links to other creative geniuses as well! Thank you Amy for breathing some life back into showers and festivities for me! :)

Her wonderful blog is:

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