Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Humble Beginnings....

Every little blog, company and idea must commence somewhere, right? I recently began a small - hmm, maybe miniscule would be a better word for it since we only have four items on there at this point (LOL) - maternity/t-shirt design company on Etsy called "The Nature of Grace" (

The name comes from the quote by Goethe "It is the nature of grace always to fill those spaces which have been empty." Somehow that quote just seemed to encapsulate the idea of pregnancy and of adoption. And so from the humble beginnings of a quote was born our little company dedicated to the celebration of life given by God in all its many shapes, sizes, colors, and packages!! :)

So is this blog solely dedicated to the happenings of said company? By no means!! :) Yes, there might be a little plug for the company every now and then, but the main purpose of this blog is to share the incredible blessing and wealth of creativity I have stumbled upon in the blogs and websites of others, as well as fun ideas I might come up with on my own. These include but are not limited to - parties, homeschooling, and running a very small business/hobby venture.
So will I post every day or even every week without fail? Sorry to disappoint, but that is not the plan. Life keeps me quite busy as every wife and mother can understand. But when the occasion or an idea arises (and the laundry and dishes allow), I might just sit down with a cup of decaf and post some pictures or notes or ideas for others to see and share. Please, please, please - if you LOVE an idea I post, COPY it (except for maternity t shirt designs) unless otherwise stated. :) Some of my own homeschooling, party ideas and creativity often stem from the seeds of originality shared by others. I would ask though, that if you like something I have to say or an idea I posted - please provide a little mention of me or link in your blog or on your site. I would appreciate it!!! :)

Thanks for checking in and reading today! :)

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