Monday, March 14, 2011

Joining the C---- Camp - A Girl Baby Shower/Sip-N-See

Despite a couple of setbacks in the planned launch of our maternity t-shirts in our Etsy shop:, we have not given up nor have we been idle as you will see in this post... :)

One morning recently, I sat down with a couple of ladies from our church and proceeded to help plan a baby shower - now that doesn't sound unusual, does it - except that this celebration was to take place in less than a week! A bit daunting - yes! But along with some other ladies, I rose to the fun challenge and we managed to throw an adorable shower! Given that this baby shower/sip-n-see had to be planned AND executed in less than a week - I think it turned out beautifully! :) And now for the details...

CAMPING... I arrived at this idea for a theme when considering the family who had just welcomed a sweet baby girl into their lives. They are wonderful, fun, and share a love of the outdoors, camping, and many sports/activities. I was pretty sure it wouldn't be long before this little baby "joined" right in! Thus, I came up with the theme idea of "Joining the C------ Camp. Welcome Morgan K..." and although it was very camping oriented, I wanted to "girl" it up with feminine sweetness. Enter pink, pink, pink and lace!!! :)


The ladies of the church provided the edibles which consisted of piles of yummy finger foods and, in keeping with the camping spirit, a Make-Yer-Own-Smores Bar. (Suggested possible toppings for anyone else wanting to do this: peanut butter, butterscotch chips, coconut, fruit, jam, white chocolate, caramel pieces, etc.).

The cake was made by one of the talented ladies of the church - an adorable camping trailer pulled by a "Morgan" car (apparently she carved these out of rice krispie treats) on its way to the campsite. Didn't she do an incredible job?

Decor and Activities:

Painted faux wooden signs showed guests the way to the "campsite". Outside, these signs also acted as guides for activities for children who attended the shower. A small campsite had been set up with items for the children to enjoy while the adults ate and chatted. A "Camping To Do List" offered suggestions for the children - make a tent (sheet had been set out for this purpose), cook food (play dishes had been placed near a faux campfire), go fishing (fishing hole consisted of blue fabric, paper fish with paper clips attached to them, and magnetic fishing rods), etc. They could also choose to go on a nature walk. Lists of animals to look for on the nature walk were provided for the children as well (pictures of these animals had been placed around the yard for the children to search for and find on their "hike").

A pink sign inside the hosting family's home pointed the way to the "Camp Munchies" which were set out on a table draped with a garland of pinecones, twigs, flowers, and lace. I found this adorable idea from another camping shower here - (and I just added the flowers and lace).

Wanting to portray a rustic feel to the meal without losing feminine charm, I settled on using mason jars and tin cans as vases for beautiful miniature pale pink roses and white flowers (mimicking little white wildflowers one might find on a hike). I dolled these up with lace, jute twine, and pale pink ribbon and added a small sign warning the "campers" not to feed the bears. I also scattered pine cones around the bases of some of the jars/cans but this was after I took the pictures above. (I wish I had thought to wait to take pictures until after I had placed the pine cones because they really added a cute "camp" touch to the table).

A sign in the background spelled out the baby's name using twigs and sticks on a pink background with a pink ribbon bow accent on top.

Over the hosting family's fireplace mantel, I nestled a paddle that I had painted pink (adding the baby's monogram in a darker shade of rose) and tied with pink ribbon and lace. Leaning against the handle are large letters made from twigs/sticks - the baby's initials - and accented with a little bit of lace and ribbon as well. A real camping lantern graced the coffee table where small dishes of nuts had been placed for the guests. A small pink tent was also set up in one corner of the room under which presents were placed.

Another cute idea (which I did not get to) was to place stuffed teddy bears around the area (perhaps near the sign warning against feeding bears). Could also have had a little bear stuffing station where children/families could make-n-take stuffed bears.


Before leaving, guests were invited to "take something for the long hike home...". The "something" consisted of rolls of toilet paper wrapped in pink ribbon with a twine bow and trail mix (complete with pink malt balls - or you could use pink m&m's) labeled "Morgan's Mix" in individual clear bags tied with more pink ribbon and twine.
Please feel free to "snag" any of these ideas and add some creative flair for your own shower! If you would like to post this shower or pictures on your blog - please feel free to do so - I just ask that you mention where the ideas and pics came from! Thanks a bunch - hope you had fun looking and leave with some inspiration of your own! :)

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