Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby food -

"Solid food stage."

Are there any words more exciting or more terrifying to a mommy than these? Well, potty training and teething come to mind so I guess there are... ;) But for the sake of this post - let's just stick with the awe surrounding the solid food stage, shall we?

What do I feed my baby, how much, when do I feed them, how often, what's healthy, what's not.... and the list goes on. As mommies, we are so excited to see our little ones grow - but ooohhh, the messy road of nutrition we must travel to reach each new milestone. Let's face it - we want our babies to learn and become independent one day, so they are going to need proper nutrients to get there! Fortunately - there are wonderful people out there (bless you, wonderful people!) who are happy to help and even design websites to guide us (so we can spend those precious minutes we saved by not having to search for all this info online - to wipe up faces, clean off trays, wash fingers, mop the floor, and then get ready to start the process all over again). is one of those awesome sites! It is absolutely full of wonderful information, advice, how to cook and store your own baby food, nutrition information, feeding suggestions, RECIPES - hey, they even have a few menu ideas and schedules! Talk about doing the legwork for you! :)

Not convinced - okay, here is an example. Click on one of their fruits and veggies - like asparagus. It lets you know when it is recommended that a baby try asparagus (including suggestions for babies with digestive issues), gives you nutritional information about asparagus, what to look for in good asparagus when you are purchasing it in a store, suggestions on how to cook and store asparagus for your baby, piles of recipes for your baby with asparagus being in them, and even suggestions for foods good to mix with asparagus!

I don't know about you - but I am SOLD on this website. Definitely a "bookmarker"... :)

Stay tuned for more posts later this week regarding more fun food sites for your baby or tot! :)

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