Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby/Toddler Food - Muffin Tin Mom

Who says you can't always play with your food? (Well, in all honesty - my husband and I find ourselves saying that often enough.)

But I think that even an adult might be tempted to hop these bunnies into the carrot patch amid the spinach grass - and of course take a dip in the pond (mayo tinted blue with food color)! My daughter loved this for a snack and had no trouble coming up with stories where bunnies feasted on carrots and bathed themselves.

Muffin Tin Mom is a wonderful website to get one's brain churning with ideas of how to make lunches and snacks a bit more exciting and manageable. I believe most moms submitting ideas on the site use muffin tins. I chose to use compartmentalized containers instead while others may use divided trays, silicone baking cups, etc. You get the picture - why use just a simple plate when you can divide and conquer, right?

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