Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Wedding Shower Invitation to Girl's Room Decoration - Part 2

Yesterday I showed you how I had made a reminder/invitation card holder from a frame and some crepe paper roses.  Well, I thought it turned out so lovely that I hated to just throw it all out after the wedding shower.  So instead, I turned it into a framed monogram for my daughter's room since it matched the decor and colors.  To make this from scratch:

Materials needed:  frame, paper, crepe paper, hot glue, scissors


1.  Re-finish a frame in the color of your choice (optional step).

2.  Remove the glass from the frame.

3.  Measure and cut a piece of paper the size of the inside of your frame.

4.  Make a bunch of crepe paper roses (easy tutorial here: and glue to the paper.

5.  Insert paper into the frame making sure it fits (trim paper and roses as necessary) and put the frame backing into place behind the paper (this should hold it in the frame).

6.  Choose the size of letter, font, and paper you wish to print your monogram on OR stencil a letter onto decorative/colored paper.  (This might be a good time to have your child help with choosing what she would like, and she could even help with the stenciling or cutting part).

7.  If printing:  when you are ready to print, place your paper in the printer so your letter will print on the BACK of the paper and under your print options, make sure you tell it to flip the image.  This will make it so when you cut out your letter - it shows up the right way on the decorative side of the paper.  (If this sounds a bit confusing - you might want to experiment on a scrap piece of paper first).

8.  Cut out stencil or printed letter and glue to the roses in the frame. 

9.  Let the glue dry.  Then hang up your wall art and admire! 
(Side note:  This would be cute to hang on the door of a little girl's room as well.)

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  1. I am such a sucker for monograms!! Love them! Stopping by from Frugal Friday- would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog sometime! :)

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