Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snapshot Cookie Favors

So, this is one of those instances when you should do as I say and not as I do. The photo you see above was a picture of the survivors of a venture:  my snapshot cookie idea venture, that is. 

What is a "snapshot cookie" you may ask? Well, the IDEA of it was to make a design (or more than one design - I made two different ones) from color flow icing to look like a snapshot photo of the happy couple (stick figure-like) on a sugar cookie. I believe my designs were 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 (photo size). You then wrap them up and place a little sign nearby that says something to the effect of "Please take a snapshot cookie of the happy couple by which to remember this joyous occasion (at least until you eat it)."

I made these for a wedding shower, but I think the concept could easily work for birthdays, baby showers, etc. Using stick figures makes it cute, simple and a little different than the norm. You can even make them extra special by including something unique about the people or person you are honoring (example: stick figure cycling or camping for outdoor lovers, couple with baby in their arms or pregnant stick figure for baby shower with baby's first initial on the tummy, etc.).

So what went wrong with my first attempt? Well, never having used color flow icing before was a start. Making the pattern too big for a first try didn't help either. But it was such a fun idea, and had I known a bit more about color flow consistency (or what it was supposed to look like) and drying times, it might have all turned out "swell".

For those of you out there who ARE experienced with color flow icing and sugar cookie making, this should be a pretty easy and cute party favor.  For those who have not worked with color flow icing before, I HIGHLY recommend experimenting once or twice with it before giving these a shot. AND wait several hours in between switching colors so the colors don't bleed together (as they did a bit on my cookies - sigh).

Simple directions:
(Tip:  make extras because if it is your first time trying to remove the design from wax paper, you might not be used to the technique and find many of your designs breaking until you get the hang of it.)

1.  Draw your design on paper.

2.  Tape wax paper over your design.

3.  Pipe first color icing outline onto wax paper, following the design taped underneath.  Let outline dry for a few hours.

4.  If you are switching colors to fill in the outline - MAKE SURE YOUR OUTLINE IS DRY, otherwise your colors might bleed.

5.  Fill in outlines, working quickly because color flow seems to set rapidly.

6.  Let completed design dry for at least a couple of days (in my opinion). 

7.  CAREFULLY remove your design from the paper.  I believe I placed mine on the edge of the table and carefully held it as I peeled the paper back at the same time as I was sliding it gently off the table and onto a very large metal plate/spatula.  Use royal icing to "glue" your design to your sugar cookie. 

8.  Breathe a sigh of relief and smile.  :)

Remember, if your attempts fail and you find all your designs cracking or bleeding - just turn your "lemons into lemonade" as I did.  I eventually cut the broken ones into pieces and packaged them up individually as cookie puzzle favors for the kids.  They enjoyed putting the cookies back together and eating them at the shower!  :)  Once again, remember, "lemons into lemonade"....  :)

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