Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey everyone,
I know I said I would try to post soon but my wonderful father-in-law had a massive heart attack while in flight to another state so this week and last week have been very tense and full of ups and downs as one moment we are told he probably won't make it and the next that he has a chance.  He had to be medi-flighted (not sure what the correct term is) to a special cardiac hospital so it has also meant a lot of travel for family members, and I've been working on this end to keep our church and family and friends updated on a daily basis so they know how to pray.

We have been SOOO blessed by the outpouring of love and prayer and offers of help from our church here, our homeschool group, and the church from where we moved.  Amazing to be part of such a family of believers that surround us with love and care and we are truly grateful for them!

We've seen God answering a LOT of prayer and working in amazing ways - showering us with so much comfort and reminders of love via his children here on earth in the difficult times as well as the joyous.  We are blessed to know that whatever the next few days hold, my father-in-law is a born again believer and if the Lord chooses to take him home to heaven, that we will see him again one day when we arrive there as well.

He is in critical care right now but they are preparing to place an LVAD pump in his heart tomorrow - apparently a very long surgery so I am sure it will be a long day in so many ways.  A huge thank you to those who have been praying - we appreciate it SOOOO much!  :)  I will try to update tomorrow on this post.

UPDATE:  he has had an immune response to something so the surgery has been postponed.
UPDATE:  My FIL had the surgery yesterday and will be stitched up tomorrow barring any further complications - yes that means his chest has been open since yesterday - it is complicated but there were some bleeding issues that had to be resolved first.  Now we are waiting for the moment they wake him up early next week to see if he has suffered any brain damage from all of this.
UPDATE:  My FIL is responding well now.  He is slowly improving - for which we are thankful, but is still in critical condition.

P.S.  I do have a blog post about some of the winter stuff we had been doing but it is in mid writing and editing stage and probably won't have as many activities as I had planned since I have cut some of our school stuff back to mainly core items at this time.  Just too much going on and we have family now here since they medi-flighted him to that special hospital closer to our home.

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