Friday, January 18, 2013

Le Chef Petite: Snow Bars!

Our theme in school this week has been WINTER!  This was a cool dessert we made to go along with that theme.  Hope to post more about our thematic good times next week!  :)


1 package of chocolate cookies (any kind you like - we used chocolate graham crackers)

1 container of vanilla, mint or other white ice cream or frozen yogurt

1 container of Cool Whip or whipped topping

OPTIONAL (see optional steps in directions):  winter sprinkles;  sour patch kids, gummy bears, or gummy worms.


  1. Set the milk and the Cool Whip on the counter about half an hour before you start so that they are very soft and easy to scoop and spread - you may need to wait even longer than a half hour.

  2. Place chocolate cookies in a single layer on the bottom of the pan you use (we used a 13x9) to be the ground/"dirt".

  3. Drop softened or melted ice cream  ("snow") onto the layer of cookies and gently spread out to cover the cookies.

    OPTIONAL STEP:  Hide/insert Sour Patch Kids (playing in snow), gummy bears (hibernating), and/or gummy worms (waiting for the spring season to arrive) in the "snow" layer.  REMEMBER to warn your kids that these will be hard once frozen so be careful when biting down - if you have very small children, it would be wise to skip the candy for now as it could pose a choking hazard.

  4. Spread the Cool Whip on top of the ice cream layer making sure to cover any candy so all the kids and/or animals are completely hidden by the snow (part of the fun is finding what is hidden in the snow you are eating later on - see the tiny Sour Patch Kid nestled in the middle of the cut bar above?). 

     OPTIONAL STEP : Add decorative sprinkles to the top of your snow!

  5. Cover the entire dessert with a freezer safe lid or plastic wrap and foil and place it back in the freezer for at least two hours or more until firm.

  6. Cut and enjoy!    

    I don't have a link to the exact sprinkles I used (Betty Crocker Snowflake Mix and Cupcake Gems Perfect Pearls), but I was able to find some snowflake sprinkles on Amazon in case you cannot find the ones I used:

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