Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Lost Tooth!


Miss A just lost her first tooth!  :)

She was SOOO excited and wanted to have a party to celebrate.  I agreed we must mark the occasion somehow!  Sooo...

I made her a tooth crown from a sentence strip (I folded and folded and then cut the folds into a tooth shape, opened it up, and voila - tooth crown!  Just think of a connected string of paper dolls.).  Then she colored one tooth black to symbolize the missing tooth.

We also had a favorite dinner, and despite it not being our dessert night of the week, we made tooth fairy cupcakes to have for dessert (hey, you only lose your first baby tooth once, right?).

How does one make such cupcakes?  Easy - just add 1 cup or less of baby teeth (white chocolate chips), 1 cup or less of adult teeth (mini marshmallows), and 1/4 cup of tooth fairy dust (sprinkles) to your cupcake batter...
and mix, mix, mix to achieve cupcakes any tooth fairy would be thrilled to eat (not to mention a little girl who has just lost her first tooth)!

I frosted the cupcakes with an easy icing and tried to make it look like little teeth.  I added one chocolate chip to each cupcake to symbolize the missing tooth.

With dinner over and Miss A finally in bed and asleep, the moment of truth had come.  I slipped into her room, reached under her pillow, and pulled out the envelope containing her tooth and this note...

How hilarious and adorable is that?!  

I wrote her a response in very little handwriting (saw some other moms' posts/ideas who had made little fairy notes and left them behind, and I decided to do the same).  In the note, I praised her lovely tooth, understanding why she did not want to part with it.  

I also basically told her I owed her mother (me) a favor and would leave the tooth under her (my) pillow as a gift to repay the debt.  Thus, the tooth fairy would have paid her debt, I would be happy because I had been given my daughter's first baby tooth to keep for my memory box, and Miss A would be happy knowing her tooth would still be close by AND she would still receive the money for her tooth.  

Now that is what I call a win-win-win situation.  ;)

Side note for those who might be concerned:  Miss A knows the tooth fairy is just pretend but we LOOOVE to pretend at our house!   :)

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  1. Her note is cute and funny! Cool cupcakes too, and Id hope nobody would be concerned with letting you and your kid have some fun and imagination! The kid has to be a kid while she still can. Good post!

  2. This is fun, and yes she is indeed adorable with that note. Glad she enjoyed her cute party for her 1st lost tooth.

  3. That letter is beyond cute! She's really telling that tooth fairy! And I can tell you're one cool mom because you made her a crown and some delicious cupcakes. I wish I had some of those every time a tooth falls off (not that I want it to! haha). Kudos to your wonderful parenting, and I wish you all the best!

    James @ Back Mountain Dental