Friday, March 22, 2013

Lesson Theme: Spring!

Are you ready for SPRING?
I don't know about you, but we kicked off the new season this week with some spring-ish activities.  :)

Searching for the first signs of spring?  Why not turn it into a game and have a scavenger hunt with an egg carton! I have seen this in a couple of places so far - here's one that uses pictures for clues and the one which inspired our own above!
I found these adorable bunnies at Hobby Lobby one year and knew they would be perfect for some math practice.  For this activity, I just had Miss A pretend she owned a bunny store and each day of the week, new bunnies were born.  She rolled the dice to figure out how many.  Speaking of bunnies...

Our leprechaun from last week apparently had one more trick up his sleeve - he snatched the tails from some rabbits!  Oh dear!

Never fear - Miss A is here!  Using the clues left behind by the mischief maker, she located all of the tails and returned them to their rightful owners.

This was fun to plan (I just knew I had to do something with cotton and bunny tails!)  and was inspired by the hiding bunny activity in Jolanthe's "Runaway Bunny" printables!

Spring just wouldn't be the same without some eggs hatching, right?

Some of you may remember our "Hatch a Story" activity from last year's spring related activities.  I decided to do something similar this year.  However, this time instead of words, I placed some spring related buttons in each one.  Miss A would open one per day and then write a story about what she found inside.  :)

This could easily be done with any number of other items - stickers, pictures, etc.  I just happened to have some spring buttons on hand that I bought years ago but had not put to good use (until now, of course).  ;)

We also used some plastic eggs to practice math facts and compound words.  (There are SOOOO many great ideas out there for using these plastic balls of creative potential such as this letter matching activity here.)

We dyed eggs with Kool-Aid - ya gotta love Pinterest!

This was SO easy to do!  Click this link to find the recipe.

Here is an easy customizable spring activity (use it for math facts, beginning/middle/ending sound words, parts of speech, letters, etc.) - AND it is FREE!!!  :)  See below for the link.

For Miss A, I used the paper to help her practice her math facts while Mr. J matched his eggs to letters he is learning.  See?  Easy to adapt for different ages and activities.  :)

No eggs?  No problem!  The eggs I used were cut out from scrapbook paper I bought and failed to use up.  However, you could make your own small eggs by coloring/cutting some on paper, or you could use egg stickers OR - I'd love to try this sometime - fingerprint some into the nest for a color and word matching idea (match red fingerprint eggs to the nest labeled with the word red, blue fingerprints into a nest labeled blue, etc.).

Download yours from my TPT store here!

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  2. You have some great ideas! Can't wait to put the Easter Eggs to use next week when we learn compound words!! Just posted on Craft Gossip!! Have a wonderful Easter:)

  3. LOVE the compound word idea! Clever! Thanks for sharing! :) My lil' man will think this is fun kind of learning! ;)

  4. You always have such great lessons willed with so many creative ideas!

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