Monday, March 18, 2013

Lesson Theme: St. Patrick's Day

Anyone else notice some green-natured mischief around their homes this past week?  We sure did!  It started with someone dipping into our hot chocolate (although we apparently scared him off before he could finish his little green mug topped with green marshmallows) and leaving a bit of a mess behind. 

The trouble didn't end there though... 

We also apparently interrupted a bath about to happen in Miss A's sink!  And it looks like one of our green dusting cloths was going to serve as a towel.

A batch of muffins we were in the process of making turned green.

Miss A woke up one morning to find shamrock stickers in her hair and green toys collected and placed strategically around the living room.  Looks like our Leprechaun friend didn't think we had done enough to decorate for the green day.

No mistaking who was responsible for this little prank!  Thankfully, he was considerate enough to use washable markers so it came right off.

Near the end of the week - our orange bearded visitor seemed to have a change of heart and left the kids a sweet note of apology AND a gift:  some leprechaun magic porridge!   However, it didn't take long for us to see he couldn't resist playing at least one more little trick - we had to add one cup of milk to the porridge in order for us to see the magical results, BUT he only left us with a 1/3 cup measure!  Thank goodness we've had some practice with measurement and fractions!  ;)

The result was a delicious green concoction (pistachio pudding) which was greeted with much enthusiasm!  Yup, our household can definitely say that a leprechaun's magic porridge is pretty wonderful.

We recorded each day's mischief in our Leprechaun Detective Journal (download for FREE in my TPT store)!  

Based on what our leprechaun had been up to and what she had noted, Miss A devised a plan for catching him.  He was tricky, but Miss A was even more clever.

She determined he must like hot chocolate, green muffins, green baths, and shamrock stickers.  Armed with this knowledge, she set up a tempting little area for him - including a little house with a bath inside and shamrock stickers on the wall!  

AND IT WORKED!  She caught Dooligan again and he handed over his gold (chocolate coins).  :)

Here are a couple of other activities from our week:

A cute leprechaun measurement FREEbie found here.

And a path of shamrocks leading to a rainbow and pot of gold!  In order to get to the pot, Miss A had to answer all of the number fact questions.  

(This idea and the one for the magic leprechaun pudding/porridge came from a website full of neat ideas -see them here!)

And here is a peek at our breakfast:  leprechaun-sized green pancakes with rainbow whipped cream (I just swirled food coloring in the whipped cream) and a pot of edible gold (a cup wrapped in black paper and filled with yellowish fruit).

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  1. What great fun and St. Patrick's Day mischief. Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Moms.
    -Savannah @ HammockTracks

  2. How fun!!! We've never really done any St. Pat's mischief, but are inspired by you:)
    Here from the Hop!