Monday, May 16, 2011

HOMESCHOOL - Ladybug Theme Part 1

My daughter has recently shown a real interest in those charming little spotted (sometimes not) insects known affectionately as "ladybugs". Thus, I decided to have that be our theme this week! The picture above is of her afternoon snack (see bottom of post for snack details).

I hope to post at least a couple more activities/ideas for this theme sometime later in the week so keep checking in or become a follower. :)

Today we:

- Used a ladybug pointer during calendar time (see it in the picture above? Basically just a pencil topper which easily becomes a pointer when necessary).
- Looked at a website online to learn about ladybug parts:
- Watched a video on YouTube showing the life cycle of ladybugs.
- Used a magnifying glass to examine some dead ladybugs I had found outside our door (unfortunate for them to have died, but how fortunate that they chose to do so on my doorstep).
- Used those same ladybugs and magnifying glass to complete some fun worksheets. Find some good ones here:
- Had a fun ladybug snack!

Snack Details:

Ladybugs - Grape tomatoes halved. Half a chocolate chip for head. Black food coloring spots and details.
Leaves - spinach
Sun - american cheese slice
Raincloud and raindrops - mayo with blue food coloring
Flowers (not shown) - grapes and cheerios

If you want to see some REALLY creative ideas for snacks - check out this blog in her Fun Food Friday section and prepare to be inspired! :)


  1. What about ranch dip for the cloud & raindrops so they can dip the tomato and spinach in it?