Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HOMESCHOOL - Painting (with shaving cream) and Spring "Showers"...

So I came across the cutest idea on this blog: http://meetthedubiens.blogspot.com/
Paints made from shaving cream and food coloring! Jill from the blog above, used them with her kids in the bath. However, I decided to change it up a bit and make it part of one of my daughter's workboxes for homeschool.
Since we have been learning about Spring, I decided to let her paint a picture of things we discussed we might see during that season. I purchased a simple white plastic shower curtain (liner?) at Walmart (I think this was only about $3) and set her loose with a brush and containers of lavish, foamy paint. She enjoyed herself (I mean, come on - wouldn't you? I know I felt eager to jump in and help when she asked for it)- painting a sun, sky, flowers, and a tree (and even tried mixing some colors together to make new shades) .
She wanted to put a nest in the tree, but we had no brown paint - so I suggested we build a small one of our own. She happily agreed and proceeded to do so with sticks and leaves. Then for the final touch - she used our spray hose to pretend to be a sudden spring rain shower and washed the paint away (um, if you try this at home - expect your kids to get wet. Oh, and you might get a little wet too. Pre-school rain showers are rather unpredictable...).

Spring picture - sun, sky, flowers, tree, and that little pile of sticks and leaves on the tree is the improvised "nest" my daughter made - complete with eggs (leaves) and a mommy bird on top of the eggs (another leaf on top). Sorry the entire painting is a bit hard to see - it was a gorgeous day for painting outside but maybe not so great for taking pictures on a bright white background with the sun reflecting brilliantly off of it (can you hear my camera screaming "Agh! My eye---my lense! My lense!").

Spring "showers" simulation - washing away our paint. Who says cleaning up can't be fun?

Recipe for Shaving Cream Paints:

1. One can of shaving cream

2. Food coloring

Directions: Just mix the two together (at least that is what I did) and have fun!


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