Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Gender Reveal Party Ideas - At Last!

A VERY long time ago, I believe I said I would post more "gender reveal" party suggestions.  I am here to say - I slacked off.  Or was just too busy.  Or maybe a little of both. 

But every once in a while, my mind starts whirring in that direction again (usually when I see someone else's gender reveal party or someone announces a pregnancy, etc.).  So, today I am going to post some ideas for gender revelation parties because there seem to be so few online. 

Now, I will not have time to go into great detail or creativity like I did with the "What Will it Bee" party or "What's the Scoop?" ice cream reveal, but I will at least get the ball rolling with some themes and if anyone out there wants me to suggest creative ideas to go along with one or two in particular, just leave a comment or send me an email and I will see what I can come up with for you!  :)

I DO ask that if you happen to choose one of these ideas, you would share the love and mention or link back to my blog.

AND if you would like to send me pictures of your own gender reveal or child related party, please do so!  I'm on the hunt for creative suggestions implemented in parties and pretty photography helps too!  :)  I may just feature you with a post and a link to your blog if you have one!  :)  Please understand I may not be able to respond to all requests due to time constraints - but I'll see what I can do!  :)  

Okay, without further ado, I give you....

GENDER REVEALING IDEAS (I may add to this list later on):

**Introducing the Main Attraction!  
   - Theme would be circus related. 
   - Gender revealing moment - decorate a large box in advance to look like an old fashioned circus stand with a large question mark on it.  Fill it with helium balloons in the color of baby gender and maybe write the gender on some with marker.  Seal the box with a big bow or tape.  Choose someone special to untie or open the box at the end of the party and let the balloons tell the rest of the tale!  I believe I saw the balloon gender revealing idea on a forum somewhere and thought it would tie in well with this theme.  :)

**Sugar & Spice or Snips & Snails? 
   -Theme would be sugar/candy/spice and "snips" of different kinds of blue cloth/paper and toy snails, of course. 
   -Gender revealing moment could be when guests receive their favor bags.  Beforehand, make cookies (snails if it is a boy or candy shaped sugar cookies for girls and frost traditional pink or blue).  Place inside simple cloth favor bags with a question mark stamped on the outside.  When guests get ready to leave, pass out the bags, count to three and let everyone open their bags to reveal the gender.

**Vintage Toy Baby Reveal
   - Theme would be vintage style toys.
   -Gender revealing moment - spell the name of the gender with toy blocks  glued to the bottom of an old glass container/jar.  Then fill the container with more blocks or vintage toys or vintage candy and have it be an activity for people to guess the number of items in the container (saw this guessing blocks idea online for a vintage toy baby shower and loved it!).  At the end of the evening, take each item or block out and count altogether as you remove them.  Once they are all gone, the gender will remain and be revealed as well as the number of items in the jar.  The person who guessed the number of items correctly gets to name your baby - just kidding - they get a small prize of some sort.  :)

**"Who is the "Ducky" Winner?" or "I'm So 'Ducky' to be Joining My Family in (month due date)" 
   - Theme would be ducks or rubber ducks. 
   - Gender revealing moment -write the gender of the baby in permanent marker on the bottom of a rubber duck and float the duck in a special jar or bowl as a centerpiece with a large question mark on it.  At the end of the party, choose a person to pick up the duck and reveal the gender.

**Mystery/Puzzle (wording could be something like:  Enjoy a good mystery?  So do we.  Solve the question: what will it be?).  
   -Theme would be mystery of course.  Invitations could be a puzzle that the guests must put together to learn the event time and place and details.  Another invitation idea would be a riddle which, once solved, takes guests to a baby website you have set up and which lets them know the event details.
  - Gender revealing ideas - use lemon juice to write the gender reveal name on paper and let guests have a fun night of mystery and clues (you could have people be on teams according to what they think the gender will be) which lead up to the moment when one team finds the secret envelope (question mark on the front of course) and figures out how to reveal the gender (use a heat source or hold up to the light).

**  Our Little Treasure - Boy or Girl?
  -  Theme would be treasure and treasure hunt.
  - Gender revealing moment - send guests on a treasure hunt or give guests a map when they arrive (could also split people into teams according to what they believe the gender will be).  Have the treasure hunt end when one person or team finds a bag of keys you have hidden.  In advance, amid the other keys, hide a key inside which will unlock a chest (could decorate it to look like a treasure chest) with the name of the gender inside (you could use sparkly rhinestones, etc. glued to the bottom of the chest to form the gender word.).  Hand each guest a key, letting each person try his/her key in the lock until one fits and reveals the surprise.

** "Meet Our Little Monkey" or "Boy or Girl - Not Knowing is Driving Us Bananas!"
- Theme would be monkeys and bananas.
- Gender revealing moment - in advance, write the gender on the outside of a banana with permanent marker. Hide the banana at the bottom of a container full of bananas with a sign that reads "We are going to go bananas if we don't find out soon!". At the end of the party, let each guest take a turn grabbing a banana from the container and searching all over it to see if theirs reveals the gender. Eventually, someone will find the one which tells the surprise!

**  "B" is for Boy and "G" is for Girl - an alphabet gender reveal
   - Theme would be alphabet.
   - Gender revealing moment - see the blocks idea from the vintage toy reveal idea above or make letter cookies according to the gender and hide in favor bags.  Another idea would be to hand each guest an alphabet card in a sealed envelope as they arrive.  At the end of the party have everyone gather together and take turns opening their envelopes one at a time and pulling out the alphabet cards inside.  Depending on the gender - you will need to decorate the "b" or "g" card to make it stand out from all the others.  Eventually someone will open the envelope with the sparkly letter inside revealing the gender.  OR you could just have an envelope ready with the letter inside and when everyone is gathered together, have all assembled sing the alphabet song while passing the sealed envelope from person to person.  When the song is finished, the last person holding the envelope is the lucky one who opens it and reveals the "g" or "b" card.


  1. I just wanted to give you another idea! We are doing a "Whats it gonna BEE" party that is bumble bee themed! If you want to see pictures or some of our ideas please feel free to email me!

  2. I love the balloons idea!! I think you could make it any theme your heart desired. We are considering a party for baby number 2, so how fun for our 2 year old son (who's favorite thing EVER is balloons) to be the one to lift the lid?!

  3. I'm getting ready to throw a party for my daughter, and we're going to do a stork pinata with the correct color (gender) wrapped candy inside! My other thought was cake pops with all of them except the correct gender color in chocolate. That way, we wouldnt' know who had the special pop until everyone bit into them.

  4. I am going to do the Lucky Ducky idea for my best friend who has 4 girls! When they find the duck they'll be so ecstatic everyone will be excited with them!! Plus they get duckies to play with! The girls age range from 2-9 years old :) Thanks for this great idea!!

  5. Please excuse my spelling; autocorrect went crazy.

  6. Our theme was "Blue or Pink? What do you think? " We had a backdrop with this wording and had all our guests take a picture in front of it when they arrived with props and a chalkboard saying what they thought we were having. The big reveal was opening a gift our close friend bought wrapped in pink and blue wrapping paper with a build-a-bear dressed as a boy or girl depending on what we were having inside. We absolutely loved it and our son received his 1st teddy bear too :)

    I am happy to email you pictures if you'd like.

    1. Aww - what a cute idea! Love the reveal! If you'd like to send pictures and permission to post them, I would be happy to share them with readers. :)

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