Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple-onia: One Mystery Solved!

Hooray!  We were able to figure out what kind of apple our new friend is, and it seems you agree!  Apple-onia is a beautiful Gala apple!

We did a little more sleuthing to see if we could find out where she might be from.  Her sticker said she came from the United States of America (USA) so we tried to figure out what states grow Gala apples.  Then we colored those states on a map!   She could have come from Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, or some of the other states we found as well.  What states do you think you could find?

Apple-onia is so pleased to finally know what kind of apple she is and to learn some of the states she might have come from.  It sure is fun to help our friends!  We just wish we could help Apple-onia figure out what happened to her head and her memory.  We removed her band-aid today and as you can see, her bruise is still there, AND it still hurts a bit.

We asked her if she had any enemies that might want to hurt her, but she didn't know.  How about you? Do you know if apples have any enemies?  Could someone or something have done this to her on purpose?

How do you get bruises?  Do you think apples can get hurt in the same way?  Could this just have been a terrible accident?

Will you brainstorm with us and tell us what you think might have happened?  Perhaps something we think of will help Apple-onia remember what happened to her.


  1. H thinks a human dropped her and she got a big bruise. N thinks someone threw her on the ground.

    We did some reading on apple bruising and found the following interesting information.

    "When an apple bruises, cells split open and chemicals called phenols, within the cell oxidize and turn brown. Phenols oxidize even faster in the presence of an organic chemical called ethylene, a chemical produced by bananas during ripening.
    So if you were to place a banana next to an apple, once you have initiated the bruising process, the ethylene gas being produced by the banana will speed up the chemical reaction producing a more pronounced bruise. You may find large "bruise" marks within days."

    Now N and H think that maybe Apple-onia has a banana enemy.

  2. Wow! I had not thought of that one! :)
    We will definitely need to ask Apple-onia about your idea in the morning. Maybe a banana IS the culprit... Thanks for doing some detective work and informing the rest of us! Great job!

  3. nice idea..thanks for sharing....