Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple-onia: The Suitcase...

Guest what!  Apple-onia remembered how she ended up at our door!
Although we discussed many different possibilities of what could have happened to her, including the banana idea suggested by some detective friends (see the comment section in an earlier post), none of our speculation seemed to trigger her memory.  

We were about to give up when she suddenly fell off the toy truck she had been playing on.  Don't worry!  She wasn't hurt.  But the fall did help her remember that she had been riding on a truck with some other apples and had fallen out, hitting her head, when the truck went over a very large bump!  Fortunately, she landed right in front of our driveway and that was how she came into our home (and hearts, we might add).

Apple-onia was so happy to finally remember what had happened to her that she danced a funny little apple dance.  We were so thrilled for her that we felt like dancing too!

When she finally stopped spinning, we asked her if she also remembered everything else about her life.  She thought very hard for a moment and then said she still could not remember where she had come from.  

Then we remembered her suitcase!  Perhaps we could find some clues about where she had come from by looking inside of it.  Did she remember the combination?

No, she did not.  HOWEVER, she did have one recollection of taping a piece of paper to the bottom of the suitcase with some clues on it to help her remember which lock buttons to press.   We checked it and...
YES!  It was still there!

Will you help us figure out the combination?

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