Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calling All Little Detectives: Will You Help Apple-onia?!

Apple-onia is feeling much better today, thanks to some of your wonderful suggestions yesterday as well as some TLC on our part!  Just take a look at some of the things we did below.

We gave her a band-aid to cover her bruise.

We also made her a nice bed in a basket and wrapped her up in a soft blanket.  We think the rest was good for her!

Here she is receiving a warm, happy hug!  :)  Hugs are pretty important for making us feel good!

We gave her a present to cheer her up as well.  We all love presents!  Don't you?  Do you know what was inside?

A new hairbow!!!  She tried it on right away.  Doesn't she look lovely?

Someone suggested a caramel bath - wouldn't that be wonderful?  However, we did not have caramel so we decided to give her a Nutella facial mask instead.  She seemed to think that was a real treat!

Who doesn't love a good story and snuggle?  Apple-onia is no exception!  My daughter read her a book about apples that she had made last year.  Apple-onia enjoyed looking at the pictures.

We have so enjoyed helping Apple-onia to recover!  It is a wonderful thing to help those in need, AND we like having a new friend.

My, she is such a curious fruit!  Why just this afternoon we were showing her pictures of different kinds of apples and she wondered what type of apple she might be.  Then we had a wonderful, amazing idea!  We told her that some apples in stores have stickers on them that say where they came from and what kind of apple they are.  Did she have a sticker?

Why, yes!  We checked and found one on her back, BUT part of it is missing!  Still, there is enough of it left that we think we might be able to figure out what kind of apple she is by looking at her coloring and the sticker.   Would you like to help us?  Here is a picture of the sticker (that little letter in the peach colored part is a "G"):

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  1. N and H were excited to see their suggestions put to use.
    K thinks that Apple-onia is a Gala. We have some here at our house.
    N thinks she came from the grocery store. :-)
    R thinks 4135 is the code to her box.
    H still wants her to get married. :-)
    We are all having fun with Apple-onia!

  2. K - We came to the same conclusion! Definitely a Gala apple. Thanks for your help!
    N - We buy apples all the time from the store. What a good idea! You might be right. We hope she regains her memory soon so we can find out!
    R - I think we might try to open her suitcase tomorrow. The combination lock is unusual - it uses words instead of numbers! Isn't that strange? We will post some pictures of the lock so you can help us figure out the combination!
    H - That is such a good idea! Now if we could find her just the right apple husband... Keep your eyes open in the store for us, okay?
    Cone Family - we are so happy to have you helping us! We are enjoying the adventure as well! :)

  3. Your Nutella facial mask had me in full out giggles =) Glad to see she put our ideas to good use!