Monday, October 3, 2011

A Surprise Visitor!

Oh my!  Did we ever have a surprise this afternoon!
We heard a knock and opened our front door to find this poor apple sitting right outside!

Looking very sad and very tired, she showed us a big bruise on her head - OUCH!  She told us she could not remember what happened to her or where she came from.  She could only remember her name - Apple-onia - and could we please help her?

Of course we invited her in to our home.   She had a pink suitcase with her but said she could not remember the code to open it.  We told her that it did not matter right now, that she had a lovely name, and that we would help her in any way we could.

We thought that other boys and girls might like to help as well.  Would you?  We certainly hope so!

Poor Apple-onia!  Her head hurts so much, and she seems so sad and tired right now.  What do you think we could do to help her feel better?  What do YOU do when you feel sad or tired or get hurt?

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  1. H thinks we should give her a birthday present, and a husband apple. N tells stories to make himself feel better, so he thinks we should tell her a story.

  2. I think she needs a caramel bath =) Elly gives me a hug when she is sad and Nicholas wants his blanket. Me - I am all for tears =)

  3. What wonderful suggestions! We will have to try them!

    "H" - a loving husband apple WOULD be a pretty great encouragement, but I believe we are all out of boy apples in our refrigerator. Maybe we could look for one the next time we go to the store? In the meantime, we will try your other idea of giving her a present. I think we have just the thing....

    "N" - what a neat idea! A cheerful story often helps us feel better when we are sad, doesn't it. We will have to find a good book to read to her...

    Lovingmama - I don't think we have any caramel left, but we DO have Nutella! Do you think she would like a Nutella facial? And you are right, sometimes a good cry IS a help! We have offered her any tissue (Kleenex) we have in the house should she suddenly need it. :)

    Elly - hugs are pretty special and we all need them! Thanks for reminding us to make sure we give her lots!

    Nicholas - A very soft blanket is SO comforting! What a great idea! We will have to search the house to find an extra special one for her. :)