Friday, October 28, 2011

Friendly Fridays: Sharing S'more Bars!

Wouldn't it be nice to end each school week thinking of how to enrich someone else's day?  

I would love for my daughter to know the joys of encouraging and and appreciating someone else!  SOOOoo, I have decided to start a series of "Friendly Friday" posts showing something we made or did to help or encourage someone else or just to give them a happy surprise!  Note:  I cannot promise a post EVERY Friday - I just don't have that kind of time and life right now with homeschooling, family, etc.  BUT, I will try to get something up at least one or two Fridays a month and maybe more.  :)

Here was what we did for our "Friendly Friday" during our camping theme.  There was a burn ban where we went for our camping trip at the end of the week which meant no campfires thus making it rather difficult for many campers to make s'mores.  I knew this in advance so we made s'more bars to take along and share with our friends at the campsite.  I found this great recipe here:

I encourage you to consider making your Fridays friendly ones too!  :)

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