Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple-onia Revealed!

We did it!  We solved the combination puzzle and opened the suitcase, and you'll never guess what was inside!

We always knew Apple-onia was a special apple, but we didn't realize how special.  Inside her suitcase, we found papers telling us that she is a magical apple from the Sweets-N-Treats Orchard run by Fairy Appletart.  When she is planted she will grow into a surprise by the following day!

As soon as she saw the papers, the rest of Apple-onia's memory returned.  She said she had been on a truck traveling from place to place in search of just the right spot to plant herself.  We supposed she would now want to continue on her journey...BUT - what a surprise!  She told us she had found the perfect place to grow, and it was right here with us!

Wow!  Isn't that wonderful?  We certainly were happy to hear that!  :)  So tonight we will follow the directions we found in her suitcase and plant her before bedtime.  Real apples take a long time to grow, but apparently magical apples can change overnight!  What do you think she will become?  We are excited to find out!  Are you?

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