Thursday, August 18, 2011

BACK TO SCHOOL First Day Part 1 :)

Our homeschool started up today with a good deal of fun and excitement!  We had a special back to school breakfast, a treasure hunt for new school supplies and first day of school outfit (yes, we have a first day of school outfit even though we homeschool), first day pictures, exploring the changes made in the home classroom for this year, and of course we had our first day of classes too!  Phew!  Lots of fun = a tired mommy and kids by the day's end...  Here are some pics of the day's activities....

Sausages and numbers "added" up to a fun start this school year!

A pancake artist I am not, but it was fun to attempt these anyways.  The pencil is a banana with a chocolate kiss on the end (for the point) and foil and banana for the eraser end.
The table cloth is a piece of black fabric I wrote on with chalk.

This is a real apple with the inside hollowed out and filled with apple juice.  I then stuck a straw through the top, tied it with a ribbon and voila:  sipping the juice straight out of the type of fruit it came from.  :)

These are clues for the treasure hunt.  They eventually lead to a child's backpack with new supplies gift-wrapped inside and a new outfit for the first day of school.

This was our simple centerpiece - books, our countdown can filled with pencils and a couple of pointers, a school block calendar showing today's date and the first clue of the treasure hunt wrapped with ribbon sitting on top awaiting eager little hands and eyes.  

Lots of fun and a super start to the year!  :)

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  1. Awww, what a fun day for the kids! Super fun ideas.

  2. THe banana pencil is too cute!

  3. Thanks for linking to Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings! Loved the ideas!


  4. Seriously creative - I posted about message pancakes this week too - I love the pencil

  5. Super cute ideas! Love the banana pencil!