Monday, August 8, 2011

SNACK/LUNCH: Cool in the Pool!!

This lunch was in honor of my daughter finishing up her swim class this past week!  Good job, honey!!  :)  (Sorry parts of it are perhaps a little sloppy - I was in a hurry - busy week!)
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Snack Details:

Girl in pool floating on her back:  peanut butter sandwich with strawberry cream cheese on top.  Chocolate chip sunglasses, fruit roll-up mouth and hair and swimsuit flowers.  Chocolate used for hand and feet details.

Water:  blueberries.

Muffin Cup 1: organic blueberry yogurt with chocolate heart details.

Muffin Cup 2: "pool noodles" - carrots and sugar snap peas.

Muffin Cup 3:  orange life jackets with chocolate detailing.
Muffin Cup 4: life preserver mini bagel with fruit roll-up stripes.

Garnishes:  melted chocolate lettering.

For more cool snack ideas - check the out the muffin tin mom website or Jill Dubien's blog.

Items used to make this snack (muffin cup link should take you to a place where you can order the different colors):

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  1. To swim in a sea of blueberries would be such fun!

  2. How cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I'd love to have you visit our first linky party this Thursday! It's a party specifically for kids and teenagers craft and other ideas, so your idea will be absolutely perfect! Hope you'll stop by!

  3. I love the life preserver bagel. And how you say it's a bit sloppy when you probably pay more attention to detail than most! I love your posts!

  4. The life preserver bagel is perfect! Congrats to your daughter on her swimming!

  5. Oh my, you are so creative. that is a great meal.

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