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How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower (also possibly known as an Online Baby Shower or Web Baby Shower)...

This past week I had the honor of hosting a virtual baby shower for my SIL and her hubby and new little one. There are many ways to do this but, for the sake of time, I will mainly write about what I did.  :) BTW, the photos are of decoration items I made and then sent to the expecting couple (theme was eclectic).

I decided to host the online baby shower at! They are actually a baby website, but their features work well for virtual baby showers too. I LOVE this site - why? They are soooo easy to use and have so many options when it comes to types of pages and colors and accents and floaties and music, etc.  And just so you know, babyjellybeans did not pay me to say all that. :)
Here is the link:

*ultrasound photos
*photos of mommy's belly and photos of mommy, daddy, and baby
*photos of the decorations I made and sent to the expecting couple prior to the shower day
*game pages
*polls (another cool option that offers - you can make your own fun polls for people to answer)
*registry page

We set an actual date for the virtual baby shower so people would have a deadline for sending gifts and messages. Prior to the shower, I sent out an email with details and an invitation letting people know the website address and password so they could leave comments for the parents-to-be during the days prior to the shower date. Then the day of the shower, I sent the website link and password to my SIL and her hubby so they could log on and see all the fun photos and comments posted and polls (I had kept the website address a secret until then). BTW - setting a time is a good idea if you are planning to have a webcam (I did not have the webcam option, but I believe others have done this).
I also sent out reminders regarding gifts, encouraging people to take into account shipping times when ordering gifts so that the items would arrive at the expecting couple's house by the shower date.  I had instructed the couple to not open shower packages until the actual shower date as well - building the fun and anticipation as packages began to arrive many days before then.

I chose to actually make some eclectic type of decorations and sent them to the couple prior to the shower (nonperishable types of things: pinwheels, paper wreath, etc.). If you don't have time for this though - consider searching online for showers with photographs that go along with your own theme for the couple. The day of the shower, send them those links or post them on a "shower decorations" page on their website (making sure you give appropriate credit, of course) for everyone to see, letting others know that this is what you would have liked to have been able to do had you been able to throw a "real" baby shower.

Like the above suggestion regarding decorations, you might provide links to food items you would have liked to serve for the baby shower if you had been able to be there. You could also be a little more elaborate if you wish and actually find a bakery or caterer in the expecting couple's area to make and deliver a surprise shower "spread" the day of the virtual baby shower.
What I chose to do was to send some money in a "treat" envelope so that the parents-to-be could go out a day or so before the shower and pick out whatever yummy edibles they might like. They were then to wait until the day of the shower to eat them.

Even at a distance, games are possible. Just use your imagination! Here are some games I posted to the online baby shower I hosted:
**Guess mommy's girth:  I posted a picture of the pregnant mommy on a special page dedicated to just that game.
**Guess the number of baby blocks in the basket:  I took a picture of a pile of baby blocks in a basket and posted that to its own page as well.
**Guess what is under diaper #1:  I hid baby items under a cloth diaper and took pictures of each one under the diaper. I then posted those pictures on a separate game page and gave a song clue along with each item to help people figure out what might be under the diaper (example: pacifier and the song clue was "hush little baby, don't say a word").

Because my SIL had found so many different items at different stores online - she chose to use to register. Basically - this is a really, really cool website that lets you easily link to any item you want from any store (even Etsy) and post it as part of an online registry list. When a person wants to buy the item - they click on it in the registry and it takes them to the store as well as opening a window which allows them to check whether they purchased the item at the online store, at a different online location, or at a real store. It then marks the item as received or fulfilled. Very easy to use in my opinion and so convenient!

So there you have it - the makings of a real virtual baby shower (or web baby shower or online baby shower or whatever you wish to call it)!  :)

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  1. Wow, very cute and so wonderful! I like that decoration with nice new baby messages. Thanks for posting these baby shower ideas.

  2. So glad I found your blog. My best friend is in Hawaii and I am in CO and her family is in NM and AK, so we are trying to figure out how to throw a virtual baby shower and this blog post will definitely help get me started. Thanks so much for posting this and it sounds like it turned out amazing!

    1. Thanks, Megan! I hope your shower turned out well too. :)

  3. Cutest baby shower party I guess! How I love the details, especially the baby shower decorations and the favors! thanks for sharing this wonderful celebration.


  4. Hi there - question. So what do the parents to be do when they log in at shower time? Skype? We cant' skype, so was thinking they would just take pics of the items as they open them and they would have to post on the site for us all to see later?

    1. Hi Melinda,
      I think that is what my SIL did. They took some pictures and sent them/posted them later. :)
      Good luck with your shower!

  5. Hi, Thank you this was much more helpful than other sites I have been looking at! I love the registry idea! How great is that! Did you make the pinwheels in this blog post?
    I have NEVER blogged nor ready many blogges so setting up these sites are a bit confusing. I am glad I have about 4-6 weeks to figure this out and still have plenty of "extra" time if needed.
    Are you willing to answer questions as needed?
    Thank you so much!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. (Sorry - messed up on my first response.) ;)

      Thanks Lisa! I'm so glad this was helpful! :)
      Yes, I can answer questions but not sure how quickly I will get to them on here. It might be better if you post via Facebook as then I would get a notification of someone commenting and be more likely to respond faster. :)
      Hope you have a wonderful shower!

  6. Looks like you did an amazing job on the your shower! I just wanted to share another option for friends that would like to host a virtual shower but don't have the time to plan one or aren't sure how to organize one that keeps mom and the guests involved and having a great time. Check out or visit my FB page to see more details. We take care of everything and personalize all of our showers by collecting a few details from the hostess. Super easy and lots of fun!!!! :)

  7. I am loving this idea. I dont know if I am computer savvy enough to pull it off though. And I wonder about older invitees, like the baby's great grandparents, being able to figure it out.

    1. Just another blogger here, did you ever get any replies/ help from this site?

    2. I am not super computer savvy, but do know the basics of internet and uploading pictures, etc. If you are worried about how to pull it off, you might ask someone in your family to help who is more comfortable with the technology part while you do the creative planning! :)

      I completely understand about older invitees. My suggestion would be to have another person with them who could help with the technology part of it. :)

  8. Where do I start? I am the mother of the expectant momma....not totally up to date with all this new technology....I saw a site that charges $50.00 to plan the shower, is this normal or recommended?

    1. It has been a long time since I had to plan an online baby shower - I would imagine much has changed since then. There are probably sites, such as the one you mentioned, which are capable of throwing the shower. I would ask for references first though.

      Fifty dollars may be reasonable depending on what they are offering to do and how much of a headache you are avoiding by allowing someone else to plan the online shower (if you are uncomfortable with technology). They should be able to give you a very clear idea of what services are covered for that fee (and perhaps offer to show you an example of a completed shower).

      As to where to start - do you have any friends who will plan the shower with you and are any of them comfortable with new technology? If I remember correctly, many of the sites I used (in the article above) seemed pretty user friendly. If you are concerned, you might see if they have someone from the website who can help you get started. They may even have a tutorial that you could look at.

      Another possibility would be to check on Google or Youtube in case anyone has made a step-by-step video of how they threw an online shower.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

  9. These are some great tips. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. I went to the website, but I'm not sure what's next. Do I pay for the features, or do I start my own Web domain?

  11. I had a Virtual Baby Shower, since my family is spread all over the United States. It turned out better than I thought it would be! It has been an amazing experience because it has allowed me to keep all my photos and thoughts on the pregnancy in one place, which can later evolve to having a one stop shop for your child's videos later on hosted from youtube. Check it out:

  12. When you set up the games how did you have the guests respond?

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  14. Thank you so much for this post! I was literally about to share 4 different registry links on my Facebook until I read your post! made this whole process super easy!!!